Healthcare Transparency Initiative

Saving Lives Through Increased Supply Transparency and Reduced Disruptions

About HTI


First of its kind cross-industry collaboration focused exclusively on improving supply chain transparency, lowering risks, and reducing disruptions in the healthcare supply chain

Operational disruption costs are measured in billions between all supply chain stakeholders. Providers no longer accept this as the new normal and require engagement with the value chain to resolve, however timely, accurate and verified data is allusive, and hence the formation of the HTI on its existing data platform to elegantly manage through a crisis and proactively securing the supply chain.

The HTI platform provides visibility and transparency through rapid data transition between all stakeholders and hence a connected supply chain!

Our accountability to the patients and communities that we serve demands that we make mindful decisions about the business continuity risk as we engage suppliers. HTI is a vehicle to assess and monitor that risk.

Ed Hisscock
Trinity Health

Our accountability to the patients and communities that we serve demands that we make mindful decisions about the business continuity risk as we engage suppliers. HTI is a vehicle to assess and monitor that risk.

Ed Hisscock
Trinity Health

Providers and device manufacturers both benefit from shared transparency within their supply chain network, so they can collaborate responsively to meet patient and doctor needs. The HTI platform empowers supply chain partners to realize this potential, while simultaneously benefiting the entire Healthcare industry.

Craig Fix
Medical Device Global Sourcing Executive



65% Plus of Healthcare Providers face patient care delays due to supply chain originated issues

Avoiding Healthcare Supply Shortages

Constant Supply Shortages in needed drugs, sterile water, medical equipment, IV bags, and other supplies impacting patient care

Driving Lower Costs

Supply chain costs are out of control and impacting the bottom lines of hospitals (and patients) everywhere

Reducing Risk Before it Happens

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in healthcare including in hospitals and product/service providers creating both risks and opportunities

Managing Healthcare Compliance Regulations

Hospital compliance and regulations must be efficiently and sufficiently met across the supply chain, without impacting costs

Controlling Cyber Risks

Healthcare IT systems are creating redundancy, time wasted, and leading to data breaches and cyber threats

The Leadership Team


David Hargraves

SVP, Premier

Bindiya Vakil

Founder and CEO,

Ed Hisscock

SVP, Supply Chain Management, Trinity Health

Charlie Miceli

Vice President Network Chief Supply Chain Officer, The University of Vermont Health Network

Craig Fix​

Healthcare Purchasing Executive

Jigar Shah

Vice President Marketing, Resilinc

Rushikesh Kanwa​

Director, Data Science​ Resilinc

Kevin Nelson

Becton Dickenson

HTI Approach


Industry Engagement

Healthcare leaders working together to effect change with patient care in mind


Ecosystem First

Build best-in-class and largest standardized data of its kind


Affordability For All

Shared cost model. More participation, the more on mission we will be


Boost Operations

Add no resources or time commitment Visibility Push (not pull)


Continuous Improvement

Evergreen data richer data sets Software + AI


Improved performance

Operational cost out (crisis) Op margins maintained Aid in reducing inventory holds at Supplier + Provider


Power of the Network

Engages entire value chain toward business continuity


Advanced analytics

Pro-active & Predictive. AI/ML/NLP/Neural Benchmarks


Change Agents

Drive transparency in RFP & Contracting Recalls / Backorder / Regulatory Issues



Alternate Supply Aid with capacity controls / surges



Drive healthcare industry supply chain transparency and visibility standards

Goals of HTI


Assembling visionaries to make a meaningful Impact in an affordable manner to drive cost out


Immediate visibility and transparency, leveraging AI enabled event monitoring


Speed communication between supply chain nodes with collaborative responses


Standards for data communication. Reliable, consistent and providing insight


Shared cost by creating an ecosystem of networked data but maintaining confidentiality


Improve operations and eliminate redundancy


Proactive and targeted risk hotspots

Pricing Tiers


Tier 0

Providers & Suppliers


Peer engagement and stay current with industry movements. Receive global newsletter, quarterly analytics & insights, participate in web forums, webinars and events


Tier I

Providers & Suppliers

Data & analytical tools monitoring key suppliers

All Research Data available & event or incident monitoring of 120,000+ multi-lingual sites distilled and contextualized. Pro-active what-if scenario builder for visualizations


Tier II

Providers & Suppliers

Supplier Scorecarding & Risk Management

Risk prioritization Incl. BCP & other data available + scorecarding. Sub-tier visualization and dependency

Tier III +

Providers & Suppliers

Multi-Tier Part/Site & Enterprise Options

Engagement with full eco-system to confidentially leverage BCP, supply chain visualization, CSR, Hurricane Preparedness, Quality etc. from participating members. Shared cost potential across all risk areas especially multi-tier attributes

Enterprise options available*

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